Vers une adoption du produit


Ask ten product managers (PMs) if it’s important to improve their product adoption, and you’ll get ten enthusiastic responses of “yes.” Now ask those same PMs what improving product adoption actually means, and you’ll get ten different answers that likely all start with “it depends…”

While driving adoption is a common goal for product managers, it’s less common to see a consistent framework for doing it successfully. This guide is intended to introduce key concepts and steps to measuring and improving product adoption, and serve as a conversation starter for teams.

Before we jump in, it’s important to note that these five steps are not one-and-done actions. PMs should always be re- examining their product engagement and adoption metrics and coming up with new (and better) ways to keep users engaged and drive adoption over time. Think of them less as boxes to check off, and more of a continuous cycle.

5 steps to product adoption

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