Accelerate your product-led growth

The Product-led Organization

There’s no better way to become product led than to just start doing it.
These two resources should be the first stop on your journey towards building a product-led company.

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Obtenir le livre

Dive into Pendo’s CEO Todd Olson’s book, The Product-Led Organization, to learn what sets a product-led company apart from the rest and get proven strategies for building your own.

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Get the workshops

The Product-Led Digital Workshop will give you everything you need to run hands-on exercises with your team to start putting the product-led strategies from Todd’s book into action.

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Que désigne la croissance axée sur le produit » ?

Product-led growth is a business strategy that places a company’s software at the center of the buying journey (and often at the center of the broader customer experience), counting on the product itself to do much of the “selling.”

Required reading for product-led growth