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Onboarding using Pendo surpassed expectations, helping RE/MAX reach agents in 325 cities in the first 90 days.

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L'utilisation de Firefly Learning ayant atteint des niveaux records, Pendo permet à la plateforme d'absorber cet afflux massif.

L'utilisation de guides intégrés aux applications pour accueillir les nouveaux utilisateurs a permis de réduire le volume des tickets de support de 60 % et le taux d'attrition de 7 % des clients lors de leur premier mois d'utilisation.

Using Pendo for mobile onboarding, Restaurant365 drives 95% of users to adopt new restaurant scheduling app.

In-app messaging with Pendo doubled Nelnet’s webinar attendance and boosted feature adoption by 200%

IHS Markit rolled out a new user interface and identified under-used parts of the platform to decommission.

Rapid7 and their happy, healthy customers.

How Mimecast drove ‘double-digit’ engagement and product-led growth with Pendo.

See how Pendo powers RE/MAX's real estate agent onboarding process

Pendo is the clear choice among product teams for analytics and product adoption solutions

Grille G2 pour les plateformes logicielles d'adoption numérique

G2 grid for Product Analytics Software

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