6 steps to onboard and engage banking clients in-app

As banking continues its move from a branch- based, in-person errand to a digital experience, financial institutions need to make it easier for customers to manage their finances with a few taps on a smartphone, and for employees to understand and navigate the platforms that enable those actions.

Pendo provides the insights that help banks and financial institutions understand how customers and employees are using your products, and enables you to guide, educate, and communicate with users inside those applications. This is all with the goal of ensuring customers have a seamless and safe experience managing their money and finances.


A good product experience begins with a successful onboarding process. Pendo in-app guidance can help a new banking customer navigate through an app on their first login and set them up for success by helping them complete milestones like ordering checks, making a deposit, and paying a bill. It can also help a long-time customer get the most out of your more complex banking features, like analyzing credit scores, applying for loans, or setting up or modifying a series of payments or transfers.

Banking is a complex and highly-regulated industry. Building out effective onboarding processes for new branch managers or agents can help arm them with the information they need to handle sensitive transactions or customer questions.

Pendo’s easy-to-use interface for designing guides lets you modify content in real time. You can use Pendo’s analytics capabilities to reveal the paths taken by the most successful power users on your app, then design your onboarding and guide flows around their experience to help less successful users follow in their footsteps.

Or, if you notice some users aren’t completing your onboarding flows, Pendo paths and funnels can be used to find the spots where they’re falling out and modify or add guides to help them get to the next step. This can lead to higher app retention.

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