Going beyond gut instinct: The dos and don’ts of strategic in-app guides

Introduction: The move toward intelligent, data-driven in-app guides

When you need to reach customers right away, the last thing you want is your message getting overlooked in a crowded email inbox or lost in translation. In reality, the best place to communicate with your users is already right in front of you—the product itself.

With in-app guides, product, customer success, support, and marketing teams can reach the right users, with the right message, at the right time. What’s more, guides are the ultimate way to take action on the product data you’re already collecting and analyzing.

Did you learn that a certain feature is seeing less-than-stellar adoption? Create an in-app guide to steer users toward that feature.

Need to make sure a certain segment of your user base completes a specific workflow? Add tooltip guides to proactively answer the questions your support team hears most often.

These are just a couple examples of leveraging in-app guides to act on product analytics.

While guides have the potential to greatly improve your product experience, guides gone wrong can quickly overshadow any positive impact. Without the right strategy, in-app guides can actually hurt the product experience—think: guides that stay up too long, overwhelm the user interface (UI), or include too much or too little information.

At Pendo, we know there’s a better way. Teams need to take a strategic approach to in-app guides, using data to create guides that are helpful, impactful, and drive the right behaviors in the product. Throughout the rest of this e-book, we walk through eight essential dos and don’ts for building in-app guides that do just that—going beyond gut instinct and truly elevating the experience users have with your product.

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