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Pendo in-app Guides provide contextual support to meet your users where they are.
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Need to showcase a new feature? Trying to take the temperature on your users? Want to entice a user to upgrade? There’s a Guide for that.

Now, instead of telling, let’s show you what Pendo Guides are really like:

Onboarding GuideShowcase_Type_MultiStep
Product tour
Take users on a multi-step tour of your product.
Onboarding GuideShowcase_Type_Announcement
Annonce d'une nouvelle fonctionnalité
Alert users to new functionality.
Onboarding GuideShowcase_Type_MultiStep
Walk users through a multi-step workflow.
ASSISTANCE GuideShowcase_Type_Tooltip
Provide in-line support for common questions.
ASSISTANCE GuideShowcase_Type_CriticalAnnouncement
Critical Communication
Alert users of planned downtime or other critical information.
ASSISTANCE GuideShowcase_Type_MultiStep
Show a user how to use an area of your product.
User research GuideShowcase_Type_Survey
NPS Survey
Serve NPS surveys directly in your product.
User research GuideShowcase_Type_CriticalAnnouncement
Research Participation
Ask users to participate in user research.
User research GuideShowcase_Type_MultiStepSurvey
Multi-question Survey
Measure sentiment and collect feedback.
Croissance GuideShowcase_Type_UpsellTooltip
Drive interest in a new product offering.
Croissance GuideShowcase_Type_Announcement
Drive Feature Adoption
Alert users of valuable features that haven't been used.
Croissance GuideShowcase_Type_CriticalAnnouncement
Drive users to upgrade.