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L'avènement de la fonction « Product Ops »

Cet e-book couvre les bases de la fonction product ops, les raisons de son ampleur grandissante et la façon dont elle s'inscrit dans l'environnement produit au sens plus large. Nous partageons également les réflexions d'experts travaillant dans ce domaine relativement nouveau et offrons des conseils pour aider les entreprises à se lancer.


How to set up Product Ops in your organization

In this e-book—a follow up to The Rise of Product Ops—we’ll highlight key steps to building a product ops team and how to maximize its value for your organization. We’ll share tips for finding talent, identifying priorities, and measuring product ops’ efforts.

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L'avènement de la fonction « Product Ops »

Operations functions have been around for decades, and now, product has an operations specialty of its own. While working to improve the operational efficiency of product teams isn’t necessarily new, creating a dedicated product ops role or even team is. And it’s on the rise. In order to understand why you need a product ops function, you first need to understand what it is and how it fits into organizational structures. In order to understand why you need a productops function, you first need to understand what it is and how it fits into organizational structures. In this webinar, we’ll break down the five core areas of the product ops function, why it’s on the rise, and where it fits within the larger product environment. We’ll also share insights from current product ops practitioners and interview Brian Crofts, Pendo CPO, on why (and how) he has introduced an ops function into his product organization.


The Product Ops Effect

When product ops is an established function, what’s the impact? See for yourself: here’s how companies with product ops compare to those without.

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