Pendo on Pendo: How to use Core Events to understand product engagement

Most PMs intuitively know that teaching new users the basics of their product is a key outcome during onboarding, but customer success is about more than orienting users to your app’s navigation. You need to highlight the right features—the ones that best demonstrate your product’s value, and convert new users to returning users. With Core Events, you’ll visualize which features are associated with higher account retention, as well as how long it takes new users to discover those features so you can optimize how customers learn to love your product.

Join Pendozers Stephanie Tanzar, director of product management, and Sneha Raghavan, lead data scientist, as they deep-dive into their Pendo Core Events strategies and best practices. In this webinar we discuss:

  • Why core events matter for your product goals
  • How to discover your product’s core events, and configure them in Pendo
  • How to use Core Events to deliver customer value
  • How Pendo is using Core Events to understand product engagement

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