In times of transformation, look to your product team

The link between digital transformation and product management

As companies work to accelerate their digital transformations, an early challenge is determining who will own these efforts. Product teams offer a blend of technical and business skills, making them well-equipped change agents who can utilize their cross-functional position to help the entire organization evolve. While we’ve already identified a connection between product management and digital transformation, this study reveals just how critical product professionals are in leading businesses through this next phase of change.

Here are some of the most pertinent findings:

  • Digital transformation is primarily the job of product teams
  • Product leaders have room for improvement in digital transformation, though certain factors contribute to heightened success
  • Leadership views digital transformation efforts as more successful than individual contributors do
  • Globally, product professionals feel responsible for digital transformation

To get these results, we conducted a survey of 600 professionals of all levels spanning a variety of industries, company sizes, and geographic locations. We asked who they believe is driving digital transformation at their organizations and, more importantly, how successful they view it.

Finding 1: Digital transformation is largely a product function

Successful digital transformation requires effort from the entire company, but a key first step is determining who will lead the initiative. When asked which departments are perceived to be responsible for digital transformation, 66% of respondents chose Product/R&D (note: respondents could choose multiple answers). This was more than double the next-highest response (Executive Team Only, 31%).

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