How to deliver incredible software experiences across web and mobile

Introduction: the multi-screen era is here

Statistics say that at least 25% of you are reading this on a smartphone. The number of software interactions that occur on mobile is quickly increasing, but it’s equally important to note that 90% of users will move between devices to complete a task. This desire to interact across multiple devices or screens applies not only to content consumption, but also to any company with a digital product. In the multi-screen era, businesses must provide users with a digital experience that enables them to seamlessly interact, transact, and buy across web and mobile applications.

With user preferences leaning more and more towards mobile applications, companies are forced to take a harder look at how user expectations vary between web and mobile experiences. For example, users expect and value short session lengths in mobile apps whereas users expect to explore more of the product and perform more complicated tasks in a browser experience.

With customer expectations unique to each screen, companies may be tempted to evaluate and strategize for their web and mobile products separately. This approach, however, ignores the reality that most users – and often, your most loyal users – combine web and mobile in a single product journey. By thinking about your web and mobile apps in isolation, you could be missing some of your most important customer insights.

When it comes to multi-screen experiences, companies should always evaluate these four questions:

  1. How are my customers using web and mobile?
  2. What does multi-screen product usage mean for my business?
  3. How can I shape product usage and the related customer outcomes?
  4. What does usage mean for my multi-screen product strategy?

If you’re a data-driven team and prioritizing engagement as a top-line objective, answering these questions ensures your product is on track to becoming an engine for core business outcomes.

How are my customers using web and mobile?

Before you can begin to make changes to your multi-screen experience, you must first diagnose what your current user experience looks like across web and mobile. This requires understanding the what, the when, and the why of product usage:

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