How Pendo Allows Verizon Connect to Maximize the Value of Software for Customers

Verizon Connect, a division of Verizon focused on fleet management and software solutions, started using Pendo to help new customers onboard their drivers quickly. Since then, they’ve learned which communication strategies work with users, and which they can learn from and optimize. In addition, they’ve found ways they can expand their use of Pendo to deliver value for both drivers and the fleet management customers they serve.

Join Jon Young, product manager at Verizon Connect, to learn:

  • How Verizon Connect approaches onboarding and how that strategy has changed over time
  • How Pendo guides have helped Verizon Connect learn more about their customers
  • Why effective onboarding helps with retention
  • How and why Verizon Connect plans to expand their use of Pendo to deliver customer value

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