Becoming a product-led organization: how LiveVox built a product-led company and culture

Like many great companies, LiveVox set out to guide users into more successful product adoption. Like extraordinary companies, this effort quickly gave rise to an organizational shift toward a product-led mindset uniting product, marketing, and customer success.

Hear LiveVox’s GM of CRM, Boris Grinsphpun, describe how the company used Pendo to unify multiple groups around user data to drive feature adoption, build usage habits, and long-term foster customer health.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reach across the aisle to find champions and collaborators in supporting departments.
  • Build internal trust and consensus around user data.
  • Run early experiments and secure quick wins to gain rapid adoption for the product-led mindset.
  • Get your PMs (and your organization) ready for long-term success.

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