5 metrics that matter: quantifying success for product and CS teams

Are your customers getting ongoing value from your product? Is your product something they love and can’t imagine living without? You may think that you know the answer, but without clear metrics to understand and optimize the product experience, at best, you are making an educated guess.

Customer success and product organizations both measure user engagement patterns, and have a rich overlap of key metrics they use to measure success. Once both teams understand which metrics are unique and which are shared, they become more effective and collaborative as one cohesive team.

In this webinar we sit down with Dave Blake, CEO of ClientSuccess, and Dan Demas, VP of Customer Success at Pendo, to discuss:

  • Five key indicators vital for both product and customer success teams and how they use each in their respective organizations
  • How ClientSuccess and Pendo use these shared metrics to deliver exceptional product and customer experiences
  • And much more!

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