Product-led strategies for product teams

For product-led companies, the product is the focal point for each stage of the customer journey—from trial and purchase all the way through onboarding, expansion, and referrals.

Introduction to product led for product teams

To build the best products possible, product-led teams include three functions that influence a product’s lifecycle:

Gestion de produit

Use data and feedback to understand customers, guide decision making, and deliver higher-value products.

Product design / UX

Embrace data and Agile thinking to speed up prototyping and deliver the most impactful products that address customer pain points.

Product operations

Make product data more accessible and help your entire business make more reliable decisions using relevant insights.

Dive deeper into product-led strategies for product teams

The product team is key to defining, building, and optimizing the customer experience. These articles will teach you product-led strategies for product management, operations, and design.