Pendo presents Tim Herbig – Connecting features to what really matters

The concept of working to outcomes is everywhere. And in the current business climate, goals are changing rapidly and frequently. Many product teams struggle to break free from the ‘feature factory’ model and be able to align day-to-day effort to the outcomes which the executive board cares about.

Watch this insightful masterclass with product management expert, Tim Herbig. Tim shares a practical framework for impact mapping which will help product teams navigate this ‘problem space,’ ask the right questions at the right time, and move towards building product solutions that change the behaviour of users and deliver business goals.

You’ll leave the session armed with practical tips and tools to:

  • Work through the problem space collaboratively using the impact mapping framework
  • Validate and prioritise product outputs which map to outcomes and impact
  • Determine who the ‘actors’ you need to introduce to your impact mapping model are
  • Navigate the problem space with confidence

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