Pendo Media Kit

Company overview

Pendo was founded in 2013 when alumni from Rally, Google, Cisco, and Red Hat combined their heads and hearts to build something they wanted but never had as product managers — a simple way to understand and act on what truly drives product success.

User insight. User guidance. User communication. With Pendo, product teams can understand product usage, collect feedback, measure NPS, onboard users, and announce new features in app—all without requiring engineering resources.

What’s all this add up to? Digital product experiences that delight users—and products they wouldn’t want to live without.

Pendo is on a mission to improve society’s experience with software, and that begins with a passionate and diverse team.

Proudly founded in North Carolina but engineered to scale globally without losing that soul.

Quick facts

founded in October
bureaux à travers le monde
funding raised
monthly users

Distinctions récentes

Classement Glassdoor des meilleures entreprises cloud où travailler (2019)

Liste Forbes des prochaines start-ups à un milliard de dollars (2018)

Best Workplaces (2017-2021)

Cloud 100: The World’s Best Cloud Companies (2018-2021)

Liste Inc. 5000 des entreprises privées à la croissance la plus rapide
(26e en 2020, 73e en 2019)

Leader in Product Adoption & Digital Adoption Categories (2021)

Founders & C-Suite

Todd Olson, Fondateur/PDG

Todd Olson


Erik Troan, Fondateur/Directeur technique

Erik Troan

Fondateur/Directeur technique

Rahul Jain, Founder/VP Business and Corporate Development

Rahul Jain

Fondateur/Vice-président en charge du développement commercial

Jennifer Kaelin, Directrice financière

Jennifer Kaelin

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Chernov, Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Chernov

Chief Marketing Officer

Kelli Dragovich, Chief People Officer

Kelli Dragovich

Directrice des ressources humaines

Jennifer Brannigan, Chief Revenue Officer

Jennifer Brannigan

Chief Revenue Officer (Directeur Financier)

Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer

Trisha Price

Chief Product Officer

Ben Carey, CCO

Ben Carey

Chief Customer Officer

Jenny Zador

Jenny Zador

General Counsel

Our investors

Nos clients


We use our primary full-color logo wherever possible. The white version may be used on dark backgrounds or images as an overlay. Avoid placing either logo on textured or visually busy backgrounds. The icon may only be used in small formats where the primary logo isn’t readable.

Media Kit Pendo Logos


Pink is Pendo’s primary color. Charcoal and light grey are preferred background and text colors, while teal is our primary CTA color. Secondary colors should be used sparingly as accents.

Media Kit Pendo Colors

Brand font

Pendo’s brand font is Proxima Nova. We typically use lighter weights at larger sizes and heavier weights to show emphasis at smaller sizes.

Proxima Nova Light/Regular/Bold

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