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SignalPath intègre des vidéos aux guides afin de simplifier l'onboarding des spécialistes en recherche clinique

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As medical research gets ever more sophisticated, the clinical trials that test or validate researchers’ hypotheses and determine the safety of new drugs grow more and more complex, too.

SignalPath’s technology provides clinical researchers a way to streamline the process of launching and managing clinical trials, improving the ease and efficiency of their execution. The company is growing quickly and recently raised an $18 million Series B funding round.

Marcus Southern, a learning experience designer at the company, was working on improving onboarding and in-app support when he attended Pendomonium, Pendo’s annual user conference, in 2019. There, he learned that videos could be embedded within Pendo guides. His team had already produced and hosted numerous instructional videos for both clients and their own employees on digital asset management platform Cincopa.

Because Cincopa integrates seamlessly with Pendo, the videos can be inserted into tooltip guides, which pop up when a user clicks on an icon next to various elements on the platform. The videos are also accessible through a Pendo Resource Center, Southern said.


Prior to implementing Pendo and Cincopa, Southern said client users or new SignalPath employees who needed help or onboarding had to leave the platform—and stop the work they were doing—and dig through an external learning management system to locate the relevant video. It was not a particularly efficient method of delivery, he notes.

“The idea was that instead of our clients having to go out of our product and find the training they need, they can just click on the tooltip or Resource Center and find the video or walkthrough they needed,” Southern says of the Pendo-Cincopa integration. “I’ve been calling it ‘just-in-time training.’”

Since rolling out the guides, Southern has noticed an increase in engagement and usage. Cincopa data shows that people are watching more of the instructional videos for longer periods of time, and Pendo usage analytics indicate that users are spending more time on the platform, too.

Soon, Southern’s team plans to leverage Pendo’s ability to segment user groups based on usage data to target video tooltips based on the task being performed.

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